AquaBotanical is water sourced entirely from fruit and vegetables. It is an Australian award-winning and globally patented innovation that helps fresh produce growers minimise food and water wastage. Our story is more a scientific than romantic one, but it has an exciting twist that we are very proud of.

Fruit and vegetables naturally contain water. Australian farmers grow copious amounts of fresh produce to guarantee a daily supply that feeds families all over the country. Some harvests are more generous than others and not all fruit and vegetables can be sold in the fresh produce market. Being aware of how much it takes to grow this perfectly fine food, many Australian farmers choose to bring their overabundance of produce to juice manufacturers. That is where AquaBotanical’s story starts…

When fruit and vegetables are pressed to extract their juices, they produce a large volume of water in parallel. In a drought stricken country like Australia every drop is valued, but until recently the aqueous liquid from juice was not re-useable. At AquaBotanical we had to find a way to help the world tap into this unique new water source. It didn’t go unnoticed… Our water won the 2015 Food Industry Innovation Award and was the only Australian finalist at the Global Bottled Water Awards!

AquaBotanical is made by filtering and mineralising the aqueous liquid from juice concentrate. The end result is a clear and clean tasting water free of sugars, toxins and additives. We only add some subtle carbonation to our sparkling water. AquaBotanical has body and finesse without the salty or acidic after-taste of many mineral waters. Our water complements fine food and wines without overpowering any pairing.

100% Australian owned and made, AquaBotanical is a super premium brand encased in a stylish blue glass bottle and exclusively available in Australia’s finest venues. Top chefs, wine connoisseurs and foodies all love AquaBotanical for its unique source and exquisite flavour.