we grow water 100% from fruit & vegetables

At AquaBotanical we found a way to harvest the naturally occurring water from Australian fruit & vegetables at the same time as juice concentrate is made. Utilising every available drop of water contained in the fruit & vegetables, we’ve proudly created a new sustainable source – Botanical water! It’s an award winning Australian invention, grown and owned in Australia!

Winner 2019 Beverage of the year.

We grow water

from earth to bottle

All year round an abundance of fruit and vegetables grow in Australia’s diverse soils. Some harvests are more generous than others, producing so much that we cannot eat it all. Australian farmers know how much it takes to grow good food, so instead of wasting it they turn this overabundance into wholesome juice. Fruit and vegetables naturally contain water. At AquaBotanical we extract this water from the process of making juice.

Full bodied water

for wholesome indulging

AquaBotanical is unlike any water you have tasted before. It has body and finesse, leaving your taste buds with a silky finish. AquaBotanical is the perfect companion to gourmet food and fine wines. It is the water with substance for your sparkling night out. AquaBotanical is free of toxins and sugars and contains essential plant minerals that make for wholesome indulging.

Natural cycle

AquaBotanical uses the whole fruit and vegetable, so that none of nature’s goodness goes to waste. From our freshly harvested produce we extract juice and water. What is left over we give back to farmers to nourish the animals. AquaBotanical’s fine water is bottled in quality glass that is fully recyclable. Or reusable. You decide.

Aqua Botanical Beverages Range

AquaBotanical is available in Australia’s finest restaurants, boutique hotels, luxury resorts and specialty gourmet retail.


24 x 330 ml glass bottle

12 x 750 ml glass bottle


24 x 330 ml glass bottle

12 x 750 ml glass bottle