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Seafood Raft-up – Executive Chefs Club Event

December 3, 2016

A lovely day at sea for the ‘Seafood Raft-up Executive Chefs Club Event’ enjoying a bespoke Port Phillip Bay seafood inspired lunch & discussing the future of the fishing industry. Thanks to Mel from Executive Chefs Club for the happy snaps & thank you so much to Peter Haycroft for having us! It was our pleasure to sponsor this incredible event with #AquaBotanical . . #PeterHaycroft #MelNathan #ExecutiveChefsClub #Seafood #PortPhillipBay #Melbourne #Chefslife #SustainableFishing #FishingIndustry

AquaBotanical at Australian Pork Industry Symposium

December 1, 2016

We were proud to sponsor another incredible PorkStar event recently! We always enjoy seeing guests enjoying #AquaBotanical #repost In great company & honoured to be on the "Next Generation" panel at Australian Pork industry symposium. Thanks @glamournesspork for the invite & MC's @lyndeymilan & @mitchabouttown #hospitality #LetsFindSolutions #femalesinfood 📷: @pheegardner

AquaBotanical keeps the chefs hydrated at Executive Chefs Club

November 30, 2016

“Fab food from the fab chefs at the Melbourne's MCEC. Wow, Executive chef Peter Haycroft, Joseph Goodman and his team deserved all the praise. A bespoke Port Phillip Bay seafood inspired lunch for all the chefs. Bravo. We couldn't have done it without you. In 5 years our sea urchin, scallops, sardine fishermen will be gone. I found out "they all" really enjoy the fine things in life including good seafood and beer. Cheers and good health. 🍴🍻🍺🍺#portphillipbayscallops #seaurchin #aussieseafood #sardines #Melbourne chefs #chefsoninstagram #chefslife #cleanseas #goodgrubhub #aquabotanical 📷: Food Companion Magazine

Rubys Diner Waverly posts about us

November 28, 2016

“AquaBotanical water is made with 100% fruit and vegetables. This bottle utilises every drop of water contained within the two. It's most definitely on the menu! 🍏🍆🍅💦 #rubyswaverley #aquabotanical

Fantastic Foodie Day at Slow Food Mildura

November 24, 2016

A pleasure to be a part of an exciting community food movement. #AquaBotanical #SlowFoodMildura

The Anicca Way on AquaBotanical

November 21, 2016

"Not a shopfront, but by far the most exciting find in my opinion at the Vegan Festival. Aqua Botanicals are revolutionising the way we hydrate ourselves, minimizing the impact on the planet at the same time. The world’s first water sourced entirely from fruit and vegetables, they produce fresh water from filtering and mineralising the aqueous liquid from the leftover juice concentrate discarded by juice producers. Whilst I am not a fan of buying water due to the impact of the bottled water industry on the environment, I dislike more my family consuming the fluoride found in Adelaide tap water. AB’s water comes in recyclable glass bottles and is doing a favour to the environment, so it’s our water of choice now and you can discover their full story online." Check out her blog here: So glad you discovered us! 💦 🍃 The Anicca Way 🌎 #veganfestival #adelaide #aquabotanical #theaniccaway

100% Natural water from fruit & vegetables

November 15, 2016

"Our process can be applied to any fruit or vegetable and has wide-ranging implications for third world countries where the water may not be potable because it's dirty or contains other contaminants." - Dr Bruce Kambouris #Innovation #SafeDrinkingWater #AquaBotanical

AquaBotanical offers solutions to India’s water shortage

November 15, 2016

AquaBotanical has joined Indian and international scientists and researchers to offer solutions for India’s water shortage. Dr. Bruce Kambouris is at the VSI International Conference 2016 explaining how our process of extracting water can be applied to the existing sugar cane production here in India, with the prospect of supplying pure drinking water that is sustainable and readily available! 👏🏼 #excitingtimes #india #sugarcane #aquabotanical

We’re sponsoring the Slow Food Mildura

November 15, 2016

We are excited to be sponsoring the Slow Food Mildura this year, and you guys are in for a treat! Ticket sales have been extended, so jump online and secure your place. Slow Food Mildura is hosting the 2016 Australian Slow Food National Conference from November 17 to 20! The Slow Food Mildura convivia are excited to be welcoming you to our region to experience a conference that will be hands on, informative, and include active networking . This year’s theme Our Food, Our Country- Good, Clean, Fair in our past, present and future will be woven throughout the conference. -Hands on experiences -Wild & native foraging -Sausage & preserve making -Experience endangered foods -Dinner on the Murray River Salt pan -Guest speakers, presentations and talking circles -Market & free tastings -Farming & production tours -Local beer & wine Includes free event Terra Madre at Sunraysia Farmers Market!

AquaBotanical at Trentham Estate

November 11, 2016

AquaBotanical looking chilled amongst the gum trees at our river front stockist Trentham Estate Winery 👌🏼💦

Congratulations Grant King – Gault & Millau Chef of the Year!

November 7, 2016

Congratulations to Grant King - our amazing brand ambassador – who has just won the Gault&Millau CHEF OF THE YEAR award! So well deserved! #GastroPark #GrantKing #Gault&MillauAustralia #AquaBotanical

Ensuring optimum hydration

November 7, 2016

“That's the great plus with AquaBotanical water. It contains up to 74 different trace elements, so if you're deficient in trace elements, you can supplement your system by drinking it. I'm not claiming you're going to grow wings and fly, but you will be ensuring optimum hydration, which is essential for maintaining good health.” - Dr. Bruce Kambouris, founder #AquaBotanical

AquaBotanical featured on

November 6, 2016

“AquaBotanical – a water sourced entirely from fruit and vegetables – is currently sold as a premium brand in Australia. But the brand’s potential is much greater, according to its founder: the technology could be used to unlock drinking water from sugar cane production in water-stressed India.” Read the full article by Rachel Arthur of BeverageDaily here: #aquabotanical #sustainability #innovation #india #australia #bottledwater

Derived entirely from Australian fruit and vegetables

October 26, 2016

Concentrating juice involves evaporative removal of large amounts of water. This natural water fraction, derived from either fruit or vegetables contents nutrients, flavour and sugar. Thanks to the inventive mind of Dr. Bruce Kambouris, this fruit or veggie water fraction can be converted to drinking water that is clean and free of sugar and organic matter, using very little energy. Our botanical water, as it is referred to, is ENTIRELY derived from Australian fruit & vegetables! #aquabotanical#upthereforthinking

Zenith 2016 Global Bottled Water Awards

October 14, 2016

We are still ecstatic at taking home two awards on the WORLD STAGE!! The Zenith 2016 Global Bottled Water Awards attracted over 100 entries from 25 countries, so needless to say we are incredibly proud, as a small company based in country Victoria for being acknowledged for our innovative & sustainable product, receiving "Best New Water Concept"& "Best Sustainability Initiative" awards. Congratulations again to our founder Dr. Bruce Kambouris, the scientist and ideas man behind the brand! #AquaBotanical

Global Award winners!

October 13, 2016

We are extremely proud and excited to be awarded 'Best New Water Concept' & 'Best Sustainability Initiative' at the 2016 Global Bottled Water Awards held in Prague with Zenith International Founder Dr. Bruce Kambouris accepting one of the two awards received on the night, what an achievement! You can read further about the story behind AquaBotanical here:

A renewable and sustainable resource

October 1, 2016

Our botanical water is a renewable and sustainable source that helps our farmers utilise more of their produce as the fruit & vegetable water fraction is converted to beautiful drinking water that is clean, toxin and sugar free! #AquaBotanical #Sustainability #Renewable