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Casanovas share the AquaBotanical Experience

March 13, 2017

Thumbs up to the awesome Nova 919 Casanovas who were handing out our blue bottles at Norwood Foodland! #Adelaide #Nova919 #AquaBotanical

International Women’s Day 2017

March 10, 2017

Our very own Monika celebrated #InternationalWomensDay with Game Farm for #WomenInFood 🍴🍷 Fourth (yes fourth) and personal favourite course was pan roasted Duck Breast and confit Duck Leg bolognese with roasted autumn beetroot and Cavalo Nero. Served of course with #AquaBotanical and Hungerford Hill Wines 2015 Tumbarumba Pinot Noir 👌🏽#GameFarm

AquaBotanical – sustainable water for India

March 7, 2017

Sugar production is a thriving industry in India. However the downside is that the average sugar mill is consuming daily a massive 500,000 litres of water the drought stricken community relies on for existence. And it is also wasting a whopping 1.4million litres of precious sugar cane juice daily. AquaBotanical founder - Dr. Bruce Kambouris - is planning to utilise his globally awarded technology to convert sugar cane juice, that is not used, into safe drinking water. This will help the Indian sugar industry become more sustainable and give a huge amount of drinking water back to the people! 🌱💧♡ #WatchThisSpace #AquaBotanical #Innovation #India

Pure Magic

February 25, 2017

Pure magic. Scallop creation by #GrantKing at Gastro Park , Restaurant & Bar TRY THE MAGIC HERE: . . #AquaBotanical #GastroPark #Gastronomy#Theatre #Scallops

We act, we show, we prove

February 24, 2017

🙌🏽 After taking out multiple global awards for innovation, we feel we have a voice to share with you guys! While the majority of Australian fresh produce makes it to the supermarkets, some of it can’t be sold as it does not look perfect, or it comes from overproduction. The produce is perfectly edible, but not necessarily saleable in our commercial markets. With our innovative technology at AquaBotanical, we developed a way to maximise the usage of fruit & vegetables to make juice and drinking water in parallel so none of our precious Australian produce goes to waste 💧🌱👏🏽

AquaBotanical at Detour Restaurant

February 23, 2017

THIS. Gunpowder Salmon Black Ants captured perfectly at our QLD stockist Detour Restaurant 👌🏽 . . #DetourRestaurant #Queensland #Salmon#EdibleBugs #AquaBotanical

Chi of the living plant

February 21, 2017

100% NATURAL WATER FROM FRUIT & VEGETABLES | With over 70 beneficial, highly absorbable trace minerals, it has, according to Eastern Philosophy, the life-force or Chi of the living plant.

AquaBotanical at Poku

February 20, 2017

You can now find us at Poku 🐟 #POKU . . #poku #chefjasonroberts #sashimi #aquabotanical #consciouseating

Sharing the joys of eating Pork

February 16, 2017

Young guns of the cooking world, selfie game on point guys 🙌🏽 Great to be a part of an incredible event! #malmeiers #rhysconnell #repost 🍴🐖Sharing the joys of eating pork 🐖🐖with #malmeiers and #rhysconnell 'Thank you' David Thompson your culinary efforts were appreciated. Grilled pork cheek salad, Cured Pork fritters, 🦐 Prawns spicy pork crunchy rice cakes, Duck eggs, pineapple curry of pork. Cook with it, write with it, ❤️ it. Well done tonight team Porkstars. 10/10 event. Outasight. #porkstars#australianpork #chefsoninstagram#foodwinepopup #sepia #culinary #sydneylife#longchim #mitchabouttown #kylieporklady#thaifoodporn #longchimsydney #chefslife🔪 📷: @foodcompanion

AquaBotanical at The Annex Cafe

February 15, 2017

A fabulous feast with a side of #AquaBotanicalspotted at The Annex Cafe #Glenelg #SouthAustralia #TheAnnexCafe#CleanEats #Foodies

The finest Australian made botanical water

February 7, 2017

AquaBotanical serves up the finest in Australian grown, Australian made botanical water ~ created in parallel with the production of Australian fruit juice, to ensure we are maximising usage of local fresh produce. Our globally recognised, sustainably made water is your perfect choice this summer 

Pepperberry Pleasure – with Fossey’s Gin

January 30, 2017

Mildura is our home town, a river side city full of wonderful produce, and brilliant ideas. One more to add to the list is the arrival of Fossey's Gin who have created the Pepperberry Pleasure using Fossey’s Mountain Pepperberry Gin Elixir mixed with Grenadine, topped with AquaBotanical and garnished with a sprig of rosemary 👌🏽Try one at the Ginporium Thursdays 12 - 8pm! #fosseysgin #ginporium #mildura #drinklocal #local #aquabotanical#sunraysia #gin

We’re proud of our blue bottles!

January 28, 2017

We are very proud of every one of our beautiful blue bottles that gets opened at your dinner table, picnic, or local restaurant! Here's why.....When fruit and vegetables are pressed to extract their juices, they produce a large volume of water in parallel. In a drought stricken country like Australia every drop is valued, but until recently the aqueous liquid from juice was not re-useable. At AquaBotanical we had to find a way to help the world tap into this unique new water source. It didn’t go unnoticed ~ our water won the 2015 Food Industry Innovation Award and took home two awards at the Global Bottled Water Awards last year! 

Ensuring optimum hydration

January 12, 2017

"That's the great plus with AquaBotanical water. It contains up to 74 different trace elements, so if you're deficient in trace elements, you can supplement your system by drinking it. I'm no claiming you're going to grow wings and fly, but you will be ensuring optimum hydration, which is essential for maintaining good health" - Dr. Bruce Kambouris, Founder #AquaBotanical

Loca Pops blend AquaBotanical with fruit … in an icy treat

January 10, 2017

How good does this look? loca pops have blended #AquaBotanical with fresh summer fruit to create these tasty little must haves! Loving your work guys ✌🏽 #repost Our new @aqua_botanical range of sugar free pops have been so popular for home delivery this weekend, we've had to do a fresh run! PM for details. 📷: @locapopsa

Life+Nourish+Connection – Jason Roberts

December 30, 2016

"The more I sit, watch, listen and absorb this hectic world we live in, the more I see we are losing our connection to what really matters, focusing on "things" instead of what’s truly important. There was once a time when your best friend was a dog, short shorts were cool (still cool by the way) and there were only two potato varieties: dirty and washed. No one had allergies, you didn’t know anyone who had passed from cancer and no child ever went hungry. Granted, things have to change, but you have to wonder: is ‘progress’ really progress, or are we moving forward at a such a rapid pace that the art to live has become a blur, just for the sake of moving forward?" - Jason Roberts Image: Sami Johnson Read more on Jason's blog post The Lost Art of Living . . . #ChefJasonRoberts #JasonRoberts #AquaBotanical #Connection #Life #RealLife #Healthy #Nurtition #TheArtofLiving #Nurture #Australia

Feeling fresh thanks to Plane Tree Cafe

December 16, 2016

#repost We now serve this fantastic Australian water here @planetreecafe its from @aqua_botanical check out how it's made, how environmentally good it is and how the guys are taking the procedure around the world and to top it off, it tastes great! #woollahra #sydneycafe #healthy #water

Mazda Opera in the Bowl

December 15, 2016

Absolutely thrilled to partner with Mazda Opera in the Bowl to bring the people of Melbourne an incredible evening of performance, fine food, wine and of course botanical water!

Grant King feature – Urban Walkabout

December 5, 2016

Urban Walkabout takes five with our ambassador, Grant King of Gastro parK, Restaurant & Bar "The brainchild of owner and head chef Grant King, Gastro Park is like a festival for the senses. New Zealand-born King is all about experimentation and keeping his menus playful, which means that a lot of effort and technique goes into every single element on every dish. Yet despite all the show, King is remarkably down to earth about cooking. Having grown up with “awesome gardeners” for parents, King was surrounded by food from an early age. “In a kitchen there are endless possibilities,” he says. “And you can eat them all!”"